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Care & Maintenance

We recommend that you seal your stone prior to any use. Some materials require sealing at least once a year. Areas that are considered “light use” will need less frequent sealing. There are several sealing products that are sold at your neighborhood hardware store that are considered easy to apply and effective. We work with several cleaning and sealing companies that guarantee their work. We can refer you to them should you need their assistance. 

A sealer should be applied prior to use. Water or soapy water (mild dishwashing detergent) can be used to clean the surface. Areas that are used for food preparation should be cleaned and wiped down after each use. Do not use any cleaners that have acid as one of its chemical components. Some of the softer materials such as marble, travertine, onyx, and limestone might react negatively to products with acid. In time, the acid might wear at the surface and your stone might lose some of its luster. You should always use a coaster when placing a beverage on your countertop. Wine, soda, coffee, citrus juices, bleach, and some detergents might stain your counter. Some of the “softer” materials that we previously mentioned are very susceptible to staining. The use of industrial or abrasive cleaners like bleach and Comet should be prevented. Do not use any cleaning agents that contain lemon, vinegar or other acids on marble, travertine, onyx, or limestone.

At Ideal Tile Fabrications, we specialize in the fabrication and installation of 

Granite, Marble & Limestone, CaesarStone, SileStone, Cambria, Alleanza, Dekton, Pental Quartz, Quartz Master,

Lapitec Porcelain, 4 Elements & Vetruzzo

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